18 December 2013


The changes we've seen on our streams, from the Oldman to the Castle after this years floods in July are turning into a blessing....yep lots of new holes ,pocket water and even the Crow has some completely new channels to explore.The open section of the Crow this winter has been fishing well,some of the newer runs are very productive and challenging! Best bet ,as always this time of year is to fish streamers and nymphs..but SLOWLY, and remember these low and clear waters require stealth. The fly shop has some exceptional sales ,up to 50% off ...for example the G.Loomis NRX 9' 5wt is now.just 550.00.Check out more info on the crowsnestcafeandflyshop facebook page. Wishing one and all a great and fun Christmas time and yep"tight lines in 2014. All the best, Susan