30 July 2012

Fear No Fish

Once in a while you catch a trout so big your client refuses to hold it for a photo ..you should have seen the power of this fish when it jumped! That tail slap would have left a mark ! So here I am holding Jeffery Simmons big brown trout..Which was actually fairly co-operative for the picture and release . This was Jeffs first fish of his week of being guided and all of the fish were smaller as the week went on .. I like guided weeks to go the other way, but hey Jeffs coming back again this summer so I guess the little 20 inchers and such were not a disappointment after this big guy ..Fear No Fish .. Awsome fish Jeff
 and tight lines to you all ....Al B.

19 July 2012

feelin Hot

Great summertime weather and the trout are responding accordingly! We are having a blast with BIG flies...Drakes, stmi's and golden stones on all our rivers..yes even the sly Crowsnest rainbows are taking FAT food. We have a new staff member Colin Huff who has just returned from the world flyfishing juniors in France...Lots of new fly patterns in the shop.....Waters are lowering nicely and looking like a great season ahead...all the best and look forward to seeing you ...Susan