24 December 2014

Wishing a very Happy Christmas to one and all....I'm hoping the temps stay above freezing for Al's and my annual Christmas day fish. All the best, Susan

12 December 2014

More spring like every day..Old man below the dam is open , very slippery and low...Crow in good shape , with no ice,except along the shore line. Al did well nymphing , including some very fat Whitefish! Not much in the way of lake fishing at the moment..still need some low temps to set a deep and stable layer of ice. Lots of cool stuff in the flyshop......free shipping with over $125.00...all the best, Susan

04 December 2014

December already! Mother nature is sending us a gift of balmy weather this week, so Al and I will be off for some lunkers later this week. Hope everyone enjoyed a great Summer and Fall fishing. Changes in the course of the Livingstone may have perplexed the fishermen , but not the Cutties. The crow had a couple of runs shifted , quieter stretches with no one there = big trout. Last week for our everything Patagonia sale...yep, boots ,waders, shirts,packs..give us a call at the shop 403-563-8510.
 Deer liver pate being prepared for Christmas cheer...all the best! Susan

10 September 2014

This photo is from 2 years age on the crow...seems the same conditions are here today!!! get off the couch, don't worry about a little snow, dig deep for those #18's and #20,s...and catch a real beauty! Susan

04 September 2014

Sad but true...or good?...the forestry trunk from Coleman to racehorse is closed by Ranchlands for repairs till Oct.1..this means access has to be up the 22 through Maycroft(517)....if you need emergency supplies coming this way..let us know and we can stay open ..hours at the shop are 8-5. 403-563-8510. Thanks Susan

23 August 2014

We welcomed the first day of rain with open arms and dancing in the street.....that was 5 days ago!!! Today the sun poked its nose out and promised itself for the rest of the week. Hasn't seemed to matter to the trout...and those who have water coming up their sleeves casting have been rewarded...all our surrounding waters are in prime shape....Drakes seem to have just about finished, PMD's still strong and the Crow definately has Caddis fluttering....till later, Susan

18 August 2014

Fly shop

We'd like to invite you to visit the shop if you've never been..lots of exciting changes , new gear and our weekly sale events...all wading boots are 15 % off till the 23rd of August....meanwhile loads of action on the streams..livingstone busy,but even the angler pressure hasn't interupted great days for those up top...Oldman doing really well!!....road above the Oldman camsite is to be open by the end of this week...Crow , hot days and rising rainbows...surprisingly the big boys don't seem to be as finicky just now. Castle, warmer temps in the main river have the fish being wary..all small tribs fishing well. Waterton warm and low...browns are staying calm and cool....all the best out there! Susan

10 August 2014

whew! hot days...rivers in prime shape..all trout are finicky these days except maybe the wee gaffers...loads of stealthy fun! PMD's still working well,Green Drakes sporatic, Caddis coming into play...Great new patterns at the shop, and our weekly specials..this week is all styles of Patagonia packs. Tight lines for now..Susan

09 July 2014

oh yeah!

Crowsnest river in excellent shape, fat and healthy rainbows munchin down a storm, Castle, upper tribs boasting sippers and strangely finicky cutties??!
Oldman finally looking good , main livingstone nice upper tribs hungry, Susan

08 July 2014


please note we no longer have the toll-free phone number. you can reach us at the shop 403-563-8510 ,or evenings at 403-563-3258. Thanks! Susan

04 July 2014


Crow is hot, clear ,lowering, lots of crossable water.Castle shaping up nicely,upper tribs look good. Oldman /Livingstone main stems high, viz 2 ft.Tribs nice.This hot weather should have everything in excellent shape by the end of the week.Susan

18 June 2014

Summit is in good shape..finally..tho not the 28 inchers there bare some frisky 15's good runners and great action....Crow still muddy , should be in good form by the weekend..upper Oldman high and muddy, Racehorse, Dutch and Daisy likely to be fishing well by sunday....Castle cleaning up nicely, not as much rain to the south. Susan

24 May 2014


Lake still turning at Summit..I 'm sure they haven't stocked yet...should be soon..waters in mid full run off..yep every where..not too bad for snow pack , so just keep our fingers crossed calgary & south no big rains come..all southern vicinity lakes fishing really well..lots of new Patagonia , Korkers , Hardy ,Airflo( man this sh@#4#8 is awesome...).....oh also the shop is carrying new yoga, running and fun clothing for Women  this year..check it out ......still 8-5 Wed_ Sun..until the 11 th of June..then 7 days thank god summer has arrived!!! Susan

08 May 2014

A delicious day out there ! Summit looks like it has some winter kill . Ice is off, not sure how bad it is yet..lake still turning over. Crow in fairly good shape..with cooler temps and light precip. it should be ok for a weekend fish. Fishing licences easy online , same for B.C.....Susan

02 May 2014

Hi, if you are kickin/fishing in our area this weekend check out the Lifesyle show at the Coleman arena...we have a booth there ..offering all kinds of great gear ..Hardy G.Loomis, Fishpond, Airflo....and free samples of big Al's salsa and pesto..mmmmm...crow is higher, viz 8", summit still  has ice probably a week away...Susan

23 April 2014


You guessed it...the melt has begun. Muddy in the Crow, Oldman not too bad below #22...Al's little black stones were the ticket...to say nothing of my wobbly eyed streamers....The cooler nights and upcoming lower temps will probably hold the run off thru this weekend...Summit lake B.C. still has a fair bit of ice, but I'll go on a limb to bet she's open by the first week in May. New Flies have arrived (have yet to open boxes!!)...Korkers in this week ,and new wear from Patagonia..ladies youga and running gear...open Wed_Sun 8-5 till june 11= 7 days/wk. Have fun! Susan

27 February 2014

toll free

Please note our toll free  number is no longer available due to hacking in the U.S.A. Our apologies.Please email or contact thru the office 403-563-3258 or the shop 403-563-8510. Thank you!
Two of the BWO boys visited last week set to enjoy the wonders of winter fishing on the Crow. Wellll..lets just say they were true troopers even in -25 C..yep got a wee bit cold out there,but they stuck to it...Al joined them on the first frosty day, fish and fun....so I strongly suggest we let the river snooze for awhile till this Feb snap is over ! Susan

15 January 2014

Winter winds calmed enough to enjoy a great day on the Crow with Al yesterday. Checked out some water we both haven't fished for awhile...yep the big boys were active on both streamers and nymphs...turkey ,moose,  deer tracks abound.Rotating sales continue in the shop...all Chota boots 20% off...Susan

01 January 2014


Wishing everyone all the best this New Year.Perfect winter flyfishing conditions the past few days..and today is no exception! No wind,+1, sunny..yep nice day for the Crow. Keep it slow and steady.Happy New Year!!