20 July 2013

july 20

OK! Good to go...rivers all in really nice shape..Crow as lovely and finicky as she can be..waters dropping rapidly in the Castle system ,fishing very good,clear, crossable,hungry cutties1 Main oldman dropping, he still needs to settleinto the new channels ,so expect a bit colour to the water, viz approx. 3'...Livingstone same ,all tribs in excellent shape and fishing really well...yes the big guys have survived!!Elk getting slowly back to normal, still a bit of colour,Michelle fast ,clear ,totally new.....yep it's time to shake off the old and explore.....this is awesome! Susan

07 July 2013


We are so fortunate to have been missed by the flooding which took place to the north and east of us...and fishermen being fishermen are looking where to go..we are in very good shape here in the crowsnest pass....all waters in our nearby area are dropping quickly,Crow is in good shape, as is the upper Castle, and mid oldman....drop by the shop, Crowsnest Cafe and Flyshop for more info...gotta go! Susan

04 July 2013


Crow coming down quickly..upper still a bit green as Crowsnest lake is still churning...Racehorse, Dutch, Daisy all doing well..Oldman still high,but cleaning up, Castle is in good shape..look for lots of new water courses,new pools...Susan