17 September 2012

Well the season is slowly coming to a close for us ..Holidays ! A very enjoyable and busy season with lots of good anglers fishing hard throughout the area. Most are more than helpful and considerate to the sharing of waters and opinions on what those trout are taking. This chopper realizing the long hike we had made to get there, kindly rev'd up and flew to a different spot... you just never know what to expect out on the river! With so many people visiting the southern waters and using the forestry (esp.Oldman/Livingstone) it's even more essential to demonstrate fly fishing manners. Some just plain don't get it...and never will...so shrug it off and carry on.....hope everyone had a terrific summer..looks like the fall here will be spectacular! all the best, Susan

11 September 2012

stay back, present nicely, hold your breath........and mend mend mend!!!!susan

05 September 2012


Nice low water, clean and clear...and yes even the greedy cutthroat are paying close attention to your presentation , fly choice  and knot tying skills . If you are keen on exploring the Elk River we have openiongs for mid September ...and yes even the Elk Cutties are sizing things up! Lots of new patterns in the ,from fat cool hoppers to tiny hi -viz midges..amazing! tight lines, Susan