30 August 2012

The heat has lifted and a much welcome fall is here..and with it are the particularily fussy trout. This is the real stuff...big mends , long tippit , smaller flies....oh yeah ! Great day on the oldman yesterday , man there are some BIG cutties sippin midday....Al has been hard at it guiding ,and fortunate to have  enjoyed an all round awesome summer........so welcome the upcoming B.W.O's ,terrestrials and don't give up on the P.M.D's!! Susan

16 August 2012

Ok Ok enough already!.....lets just say this big bull (weighing approx 16lbs) made johnny's summer complete! ...and nice guide work Al.....Susan

13 August 2012


Colin and John had a blast last evening...as usual the more finicky trout dropped their guard and both caught and landed these cutties at the same time! Waters have dropped considerably , and the P.M.D's are plentiful....