24 December 2014

Wishing a very Happy Christmas to one and all....I'm hoping the temps stay above freezing for Al's and my annual Christmas day fish. All the best, Susan

12 December 2014

More spring like every day..Old man below the dam is open , very slippery and low...Crow in good shape , with no ice,except along the shore line. Al did well nymphing , including some very fat Whitefish! Not much in the way of lake fishing at the moment..still need some low temps to set a deep and stable layer of ice. Lots of cool stuff in the flyshop......free shipping with over $125.00...all the best, Susan

04 December 2014

December already! Mother nature is sending us a gift of balmy weather this week, so Al and I will be off for some lunkers later this week. Hope everyone enjoyed a great Summer and Fall fishing. Changes in the course of the Livingstone may have perplexed the fishermen , but not the Cutties. The crow had a couple of runs shifted , quieter stretches with no one there = big trout. Last week for our everything Patagonia sale...yep, boots ,waders, shirts,packs..give us a call at the shop 403-563-8510.
 Deer liver pate being prepared for Christmas cheer...all the best! Susan