10 September 2015

Rivers in great shape..low , clean and clear. BWO's , Caddis and PMD's the fav's right now. We are very happy about the new Castle Wilderness and Provincial park..many have worked for many years to see this happen in such a delicate and beautiful area. . Big sunny sky's ..perfect .

06 September 2015

Crazy weather, crazy times. But the hatches and trout behaviour are as consistent as ever. We,ve had snow in the higher elevations, causing a bit of colour to the Oldman streams and mid crow sections. P.M.D's still a factor as B.W.O.'s are coming on strong with Caddis a close second. Very exciting news for the Castle area . A large designated Wilderness area with a Provincial park locked in encompassing the Lynxx , Carbondale and the upper tribs of the Castle. looks like excellent fishing ahead..sunshine , cooler temps in the streams and more open waters...all the best Susan crowsnestcafeandflyshop.ca