06 December 2015

Thanks to all for another great summer. Florian joined us as a guide and did a great job.  Fishing continues to be well worth putting up with the lower temps , and occasional winds. New 2016 Hardy products arriving soon in the shop, and some warm and cool Patagonia gear is in place. Shop is open Wed - Sun from 8-5.

10 September 2015

Rivers in great shape..low , clean and clear. BWO's , Caddis and PMD's the fav's right now. We are very happy about the new Castle Wilderness and Provincial park..many have worked for many years to see this happen in such a delicate and beautiful area. . Big sunny sky's ..perfect .

06 September 2015

Crazy weather, crazy times. But the hatches and trout behaviour are as consistent as ever. We,ve had snow in the higher elevations, causing a bit of colour to the Oldman streams and mid crow sections. P.M.D's still a factor as B.W.O.'s are coming on strong with Caddis a close second. Very exciting news for the Castle area . A large designated Wilderness area with a Provincial park locked in encompassing the Lynxx , Carbondale and the upper tribs of the Castle. looks like excellent fishing ahead..sunshine , cooler temps in the streams and more open waters...all the best Susan crowsnestcafeandflyshop.ca

31 August 2015

Well that was a busy August! High temperatures, low clear water...closures. We were fortunate to have the mountain tribs pushing cold water into the main streams; and fortunate that so many fishermen shared our concern for the trout habitat. All rivers in our neighbourhood are open, except for the St Mary's. This has already been an incredible summer on the Oldman, Livingstone, Castle, Lynxx and Crowsnest. Full on hatches beginning with Skwalla's  , Golden stones and smaller black stones. PMD's into the mix early, Green Drakes in early June, and still showing their wares! BVWOs are showing up more often now and fat Caddis too. It's looking like a wonderful fall season, best to everyone and I hope you've had a chance to visit, Susan   crowsnestcafeandflyshop.ca

21 July 2015

Floor on Bull  Al on camera....oh YEAH, too fun.

09 July 2015

All surrounding waters in amazing shape..Livingstone, Oldman, Crowsnest, Castle and Waterton are producing good hatches. Stones pretty much done, but filling the hole are PMD's and Drakes. Yep, it is dry fly heaven ! Waters are low so the big guys are cautious , check your tippit these trout can tie their own clinch. Terrific flies in the shop right now, still deals on dozens , and daily Sale items...all the best, Susan

17 June 2015

Beauty waters for opening day...Oldman /Livingstone in nice shape viz 3 ft.. Crow low and clear, Castle also low and clear..big bug time..Goldens PMD's...have fun! Our new guide Florian haulin em in...    Susan

15 June 2015

I can't remember the last opening day I saw the rivers in such amazing shape ! Man o man, Crow , just a wee bit of pale green otherwise clear, Oldman and Livingstone clear and dropping ( not crossable but close) Castle beauty...big golden   stones  bursting all over , and PMD's making the occasional appearance . Green Drakes simply must be showing up soon...all the best Opening day Tomorrow!!! Susan

05 June 2015

Great days at Summit

21 May 2015

Beauty days right now, the bit of rain raised and coloured the rivers a bit, but hardly noticeable.  Today low and clear on the crow, Oldman good viz at 3'. Hatches...yes ON TOP....Skwallas , Stones and March browns...Yes ..rising trout....!! Lakes performing really well...looks like another great week ahead ...Susan

04 May 2015

Well it had  to happen..little rise of flow on the rivers (Crow and Oldman) bit of colour, BUT still fishing well! Beauty day out there today...Lee, Beauvais, Beaver  Lakes all in good shape with some unexpected cruisers. Summit is being finicky...early and late seem to be the best times...Skwalla and stones active on the crow...crazy, might be the first time in years it's fishable with these big fat bugs..thanks, Susan

23 April 2015

Just a quick note to check out our fly shops new page..crowsnestcafeandflyshop.ca...some awe-inspiring patterns , with the many great lakes around us in mind...more to come...we are introducing Echo rods to the shop this year, still very happy with the Hardy ,Loomis ,and T.F.O's...but I was impressed with the Echos ease and details...now I need to build a rod rack!!! New items from Patagonia, Korkers , Air flo and Frogg Toggs....also ..!!! We have a SPECIAL on booking...book a guided trip between May 1 and 14 and receive a 10% off!!! Yes the food will still be outstanding , and yes our guides are terrific...have fun!Susan

16 April 2015

Beauty days continue ! Crowsnest in excellent shape as run off is slow. Oldman above the dam coloured with a bit of height, below the dam viz is approx 21/2 ft. Summit hasn't turned over yet, probably this week. Our southern lakes are performing well..looks like a great weekend is ahead..Susan

03 April 2015

Spring continues thru the Easter weekend...water levels are up, but only by a few inches, viz on the Crow about 2 feet. Tho not high, I have seen some Redds so please be careful when crossing..nothing worse than a hooped Redd and punched knee at the same time! Lower Oldman also higher by about 4 inches, running off colour/ green...still both seem to be ok as far as feeding trout! Yeah!...all lakes here are open of ice...I haven't fished Lee or Beauvais, and not yet certain about Beaver mines, but the wee bit of open water at Summit proved worthwhile ( B.C. border)...30-50% off lots of Patagonia wear and Airflo Velocity lines right now at the shop....Happy Easter to all...fishin time. Susan

22 February 2015

Dry flies in February!!!not  often, but on bluebird days, like we've been enjoying lately, it's fantastic. Big slurpers ,hard takes ,emerging midges ...5x and size 18 (or less). Trix and Aaron joined us for a beautiful day spent targeting these fat trout. I'm hoping this Monday proves to be the same! Susan

14 January 2015

big brown

A beauty of an afternoon..ok , the sun was out and it was gusting to 70kms, peaceful mountain river, ok, they were fixing the bridge which made a fair bit of racket, a massive 28 "taped, close to 10 lb Brown hot and heavy on the line, a great battle and perfectly handled..ok we did not catch this lunker, but we saw it being fought. Awsome, and released to spawn again..!!! yep just being out there is what it's all about!...Susan