21 May 2015

Beauty days right now, the bit of rain raised and coloured the rivers a bit, but hardly noticeable.  Today low and clear on the crow, Oldman good viz at 3'. Hatches...yes ON TOP....Skwallas , Stones and March browns...Yes ..rising trout....!! Lakes performing really well...looks like another great week ahead ...Susan

04 May 2015

Well it had  to happen..little rise of flow on the rivers (Crow and Oldman) bit of colour, BUT still fishing well! Beauty day out there today...Lee, Beauvais, Beaver  Lakes all in good shape with some unexpected cruisers. Summit is being finicky...early and late seem to be the best times...Skwalla and stones active on the crow...crazy, might be the first time in years it's fishable with these big fat bugs..thanks, Susan