30 June 2010

Canada Day

It,s official ...Another beautiful green summer is unfolding like the wings of a golden stonefly tumbling on the surface of a gentle cascade ... well enough of that barff... Set The Hook!! .. it,s big fish time and the rivers are clear dropping fast .. good hatches are starting .. Wading can be dangerous and watch out for those spawning beds ... another hazard out there these day,s are river otters.They look cute and will taunt you're dog out for a swim . I was out with my old pals from Bamff Fishing Unlimited and there was a 28-30 pound laker landed on the second day.. just waiting for a picture from my guide buddy Scotty Campbell to post .. The Crows Nest Cafe' and Fly Shop is open 7 days a week now ..gourmet food for fisherman and gourmet flies for trout ... we have a new website for the cafe' which is crowsnestcafeandflyshop. something? G.LOOMIS is GOD of ROD Have a great Canada Day long weekend ... Al B.