05 August 2011


Hey all! We are in the middle of a heat wave down in crowsnest pass! While we all have been loving it on the river, in the cafe it has created for some long hot days! Thank god they have kokanee on tap during happy hour down the road haha!

The heat has done good things for the fishing after such a cold spring. The Crow, Oldman, and Castle have all dropped to normal summer time levels. Cold nights and hot days have made the fish very willing and the insects have started popping like crazy!

The usual suspect mayflies have turned up, caddis have been more numerous on a daily basis, and the stones are still kicking around. All in all providing a great smorgasbord of food for the trout! Pop into the shop for advice on specific bugs and pick up some of our new patterns at a good new price!
I am seeing more and more little hoppers bumming around on the banks, and the odd big guy too! Keep those fingers crossed for hoppers by the end of the month!

On a conservation note, there was a major bust on the Livingstone river in the last week. Apparently a very major number of trout were poached, luckily our Streamwatch Conservation officer busted the poachers and many tickets where handed out.
Keep those eyes open for poachers out there, report any illegal or suspicious behavior by calling 1-800-642-3800

That's all for now folks! Happy fishing out there I'm off to the river!

Cheers! John

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