29 June 2012

Hell or high Water

To Blog or Not to Blog that is the Question ?.. Oh wait I already did that! ... Sorry for not blogging ,to all of you out in Blog land... Suzy bugs me to Blog all the time and I eventually get BLOGGERS BLOCK ..But I promise to get on it with the fishing reports .. Lets start at Christmas both Suzy and I went out on X-mas day and caught our X-MAS FISH .. Mine was at least twenty one inches and there was much rejoicing .On boxing day another big trout was caught and there was more rejoicing . On New Years day another decent trout was caught,and well you get the idea.I will skip too June 29th. as we did little skiing and lots of flyfishing with our mild winter.We had some great fishing recently while everybody else had high water but that changed a few days back with the rains . Yesterday afternoon I had heard reports of high ugly water on the Oldman and Livingston Rivers .. so I checked out 5 streams south of hwy#3 which also translates into south of the clear cut logging practices of Albertas department of un-Sustainable Resources and Development(SRD). The Oldman and Livingston river system had flow increases close to 300% in a day and a half ... while in the recently unlogged Castle river system ,the water flows only increased by 25%. obviously the logged out mountian slopes had no ability too absorb or hold back the rain .. Trout were hooked and or caught on all five streams , by various flyfishing methods.. I checked it out for all you flyfishers (It's a tough job,but somebody has to do it!) and on Thursday these streams were green with 3-5 ft of visibility and with decreasing flows they should be better from here on. I saw mayflies ,stone flies ,caddis and midges(we have some great new patterns in the CROWSNEST CAFE'and FLY SHOP this summer.. We probably have the only fishable streams in Southern Alberta and British Columbia right NOW !(DON,T EVEN THINK ABOUT B.C.) I invite all you fine flyfisher people down to fish the Castle River system and when you are standing by the stream admiring the beauty of it all, picture it logged and Bull dozed to within30- 90 feet of the water but don,t worry the last few feet of trees will blow down . Folks from the Castle Special Places group will be around handing out some information The Alberta Goverment will be clear cutting around the campsite you are staying also ( YIPEE !! A BUCK A TREE FOR THE SRD )DON,T WORRY IT'S ALL LEGAL FOLKS... GOOD LUCK FISHING THIS WEEKEND aND happy Canada Day ...
tight lines Al B.

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