10 August 2013

Better Weather Happy Trout!!!

The rivers and weather are stabilizing after the precipitation we've received over the past couple of weeks. Consistent, warm daytime temps, with mixed sun, clouds, and scattered showers has created great conditions for the tail-end of the Drake hatch. Reports from the North and South Country of some pretty wicked fishing have all of us in the shop pretty itchy to get up there ourselves!

While I haven't made it up there myself, I have been spending my time guiding clients on the Crow. I haven't experienced any crazy drake hatches on the river myself, we have been pulling good fish on terrestrials, streamers, and nymphs. While my clients have been working the runs and pools, I have been sneaking through the tall stalks of grass looking for sippers!
Our efforts have been rewarded and translated into some absolutely awesome eats, and have produced some of the bigger fish I have come across this year!
Tender feet, a low profile, and patients will be rewarded on the Crow in Spades if you give it a try!

Additionally, last night as I admired the setting sun behind mighty Crowsnest mountain I was reminded of the tremendous beauty of the area, and how lucky I am to call this place home for the summer.

Come into the shop for pattern advice and local knowledge, and have some laughs with us! By the way, all G. Loomis rods and Fish Pond gear is 20% off!!!! Come and get it while you can!

Cheers to summer fishing and sunsets!



Gary Taje said...

yep it is great place to be in the summer...matter of fact fall, spring and winter are not too bad either

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