21 September 2013

winding down

This summer has been more than a little wild,challenging and fun. The July floods played havoc with the Oldman system,essentially creating a whole new upper section thru the Livingstone and thru the Gap. Water levels were in constant flux until the end of July ,even the Crow stayed higher than normal. The Trout seemed to have their focus on the bottom and right from the beginning seemed leery of rising. Yep the 2013 season of finicky trout,yep even the piggy Cutthroats! This meant anglers had to to a lot more walking to find their missing sweet spots, focus on their casting/mending ,drifting, and generally rely on their intuition. August blossomed into full on dry's and the season returned to it's hot dry usual self. September has proved to be my favorite again with the challenge of Blue wing Olives ,few hatches (except the darned midges),but lo and behold Green Drakes continued to battle for position against the terrestrials.
The shop was also in full bloom with the distinguished minions running the show and going great guns! Lot's of high energy ,inventiveness  and hard work..I'm extremely proud of our Staff. Al and Johnny had their hands full with what continues to be a very busy guiding year..hard sluggin with so many testy trout! We met and guided so many really good people ,enjoyed their company on the river and chats in the shop..Thank you for your support and great attitude!
So all the very best ..we will be closed for part of October and early November..yep fishin'...then open Wed-Sun 8-5...thanks again! Susan

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