21 January 2009

Crowsnest up date Jan.21. 2009

There has been a few outings with fly rods lately..Susan was totally excited when she caught a 23 inch rainbow on one of my nice little streamers....but the boys were down stream trashing the water ahead of her ( what ever happened to the polite notion of" ladies first") and no cameraman was available for a picture ,but other trout were caught and Suzie is holding a nice little 16 or 17 in. rainbow in the picture...Other highlites of the week would be Kirby catching a brown trout above Lunbreck Falls , not a big trout, but rare in the upper section... Bigger browns have been known to actually swim up the falls to spawn, and it is hard to imagine a trout making an accent of such height ..there has been witnesses to this epic swim... Down stream of the falls a few decent Bull trout have been caught, one by Gary was 4-5lbs. followed by a breifly exciting foul hooking of a 4 lb. rocky mountain sucker that tore off line down to the backing, and seemed unstopable for a few glorious moments..the ass caught sucker brought Gary back breif memories of our Queen Charolette Island Steelhead adventure this past fall... Suzie and I went out yesterday ,the temperature was great, a bit off tanning happened till the breeze stirred and by that time my wife had caught two rainbows and I followed her down stream , letting her fish bellow me. She worked one of my smaller hand tied minnow patterns, she really wants to catch a big Bull trout lately, usually she only winter fishes if there is chance of dry fly action (she is a beautiful dry fly fisher) I saw her hook one more fish before she disappeared around the bend.. I fished a much larger fly, with a tail that was a bit to long and missed a number of takes ,finnally hooked up on a small bull , 20 inches... easilly landed. Next ,deep under some fast water I hooked into and landed a solid 7-8 lb. Bull trout. it was a good battle for a cold winter fish.... Occassionally a fish rose to a hatching midge.. When I got back to my truck a fish cop had my dog ,thats a whole other story...and I couldn,t find my angling licence. and thats a whole other story....Suzie had said to me when we left home" Al do you have you're licence??" I shrugged it off... so now she is giving me" the look" while I am trying too explain to the fish cop what a looser I am.. He was giving me a break ..but I stated ..I would rather have the ticket ...than the look I was getting from Suzie..The Fish Cop understood and Winston the dog got off too..

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