04 January 2009

four days into 2009 and I ain,t caught a fish yet

It,s hard too beleive that trout were caught on a dry fly in December not so long ago.. Just before the deep freeze or actually as the temperature was falling Gary T. the dogs and myself rushed out to the Crowsnest for one last chance to cast a fly and to test that Stanley,s Ice Off Paste that I usually find in the garage mid summer in a secret stash of fishing paraphernalia. This time I just grabbed some off the shelf at the wifes fly shop claiming that I should have it for free, for research and product testing and the betterment of all mankind( at least for the ones that flyfish in the Canadian winter ). Usually we like the temperature to be 2*C above zero at least, for our winter flyfishing but it was already 3*C bellow and dropping..I got out there first and greased my line with the Ice Off Paste ....the line floated noticeably high and did not ice up... Gary had shown up ,I gave him the paste he greased his line and his guides as the temperature continued to drop ,I wished I had also greased the rod guides at minus 10*C my rod guides finally started to freeze..Gary was still doing OK but we could feel it getting colder ...my dog Winston had swam across the river a few times following me .. trout had been caught... product tested...Gary ,dogs and I agreed it was time to go .. We had concluded that the paste was a excellent product to prolong the suffering of dog and flyfisherman alike...

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