18 April 2011

Fish of the Day

April 15th ... winter just dosn,t want to leave ... three years ago I thought April was the best month of the year on the Crow .. two years ago .. not quite so hot .. and this year it,s been cold and alot of nymph fishing has been going on .. my dry fly only freinds have gone into deep depression .. me, I fish anything and everything .. Dave O and I went out in blizzard planing on a short fish ... it turned out to be beautiful, peacefull and big fluffy snow flakes added to the silence on the water .. Fish were caught , dogs swam... The snow was 4 inches deeper when Dave and I plodded back to the truck.. this is the longest coldest , whitest winter I have seen down south here in the Pass. If the weather stays the same count on little Black stones and midges ... Suzy and I are OUT of HERE ! ..West coast steelhead are calling us .. hope we get there before the blossoms fall off the fruit trees ..G##*&!!!-W*#!!&!!-M?!!-- Global Warming..the Crowsnest Cafe' and Fly Shop is CLOSED for the WEEK .... AL B.

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Dustin's Fly Box said...

Wow do I really miss snow!! Im livin in vegas now and dont really see it.. Great blog, you got a new follower