07 May 2011

May 7 Crowsnest Report

Suzy and I got back to Alberta to find winter is still hangin on .but just two days ago the creek that flows into the Crowsnest in front of our house started flowing above ground , prompting us to plug in the sump pump and load our fly boxes with bigger flies . We have seen blue wing olives and big midges . The little black stones are still around as spring is late .. Skwallas are expected on nice days along with the odd golden and salmon fly .. The Crow is not huge yet but dirty, expect 2 foot visability... The first Crowsnest grizzly bear was spoted about a month ago .. be aware . Lee Lake is open at the north end and could be fully open this weekend .. Summit Lake on the Border is Still FROZEN... Pike fishing is on ! Gotta GO ! Al B.

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